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Allium 'Giganteum'

Allium ‘Giganteum’

A cluster of pom-pom ornamental Alliums heads floating above a sea of fresh, new perennial foliage can be a spectacular sight in any garden.  Indeed, it has been said that Allium flowers resemble ‘firework displays frozen in mid-explosion’.  Certainly their distinctive architecture and wonderful colours, ranging from sensational purples and lilacs through rose-pinks and cobalt-blues to the very purest white, have made them much loved favourites amongst gardeners.


Mercifully, and in contrast to many other exotic and spectacular flowers, there are many Allium species that will perform well in a cool northern climate such as we enjoy in Western Norway.  They’re also great for small gardens as their slim, vertical shape means that most take up very little ground space.  Furthermore, they can add important architectural statements and bold colour to otherwise deliberately blowsy cottage garden planting schemes.  Many will make great cut flowers or are suitable for drying and their nectar-rich flowers will attract bees and other insects too.  Such are their uses and diversity that it’s possible to enjoy Alliums here from May until September.


In the video below, which is posted on engelskhage’s YouTube Channel I explain in detail how I use Alliums in my small garden;

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