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Garden Photos 2014

There was very little time for the garden in 2014.  No ambitious projects were undertaken and the garden was left to look after itself for long periods in July and August. The Yew hedging has […]

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Garden Photos 2013

  After a very cold and dry winter spring finally arrived a month late and many of the surviving plants were slow to get started.  The 15 metre long Spirea hedge in the West garden […]

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March 2013 – My Greenhouse

About 90% of all annuals, biennials and perennials in my garden have been grown from seed or cuttings.  Without a permanent or heated greenhouse, improvisation has been necessary. Germination Indoors The growing season is started […]

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I can’t remember ever seeing as many bees in the garden!  This is mainly due the large number of foxgloves we have this year thanks in part to the mild winter we had.  Without doubt one of our […]

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Midsummer Flowers 2012

  Having been away for 5 of the last 6 weekends the garden has had to look after itself more than usual.  For the first time in a few years I’ve lost control of the […]

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Early June 2012

Finally I have a chance to update this blog with a few photos.  There has been very little time for the garden itself of late, let alone keeping up with this website!  In summary it’s […]

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April 2012

The West Garden continues to evolve.  The loss of most of the box hedging to Box Blight during 2010/2011 provided a great opportunity to redesign certain elements of the West Garden.  Last autumn at the end […]

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A Small English Garden in Norway

Welcome to  This blog will tell the story of a small family garden owned and gardened by an English/Norwegian family.  It belongs to an end-terrace house situated in the suburbs of Bergen, Norway. A Small English […]

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