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So far this May the weather in Bergen has been pretty appalling.  In fact the average temperature over the last 30 days has only been 6.2 degrees.  My nearest weather station no longer publishes statistics for rainfall, which is a blessing.  I really don’t need to know exactly how much it rains here anyway!

Since it’s been too wet to dig or move plants and too cold to risk planting out annuals,  work on the changes being made to the East Garden (pictured above) has been slow.  So I’ve turned my attention to this blog and my homepage.  There is no escaping social media these days unless you never use a computer (there’s a thought).  I’ve started by linking this new blog to both a Facebook Page and a Twitter account as well as my YouTube channel.  I’ve just discovered Pinterest too where some photos from this site have allready been pinned.  Pinterest is excellent and a very useful tool for anyone seeking inspiration for their garden design.  A modern ‘Mood Board’.

Despite the delayed start to spring, the flower show will start soon.  I’m not referring to the one week Chelsea Flower Show but the non-stop flower show in this garden which will last from the end of May until the frosts!  Clematis alpina. ‘Frances Rivis’ pictured above is the first clematis flower this year.

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