Lawn Care

Although this Norwegian garden is tiny, only 150 square metres, I’ve incorporated two small lawns into its design. They form the hearts of the West and East gardens and are a direct tribute to the front and rear lawns once so popular in England.  I think the beautiful green grass provides a perfect backdrop and pleasing contrast to the blowzy cottage garden flowers I love.  Surprisingly, visitors to the garden seem more intrigued by the lawns than by the flowers. Perhaps that’s because the tidy green stripes and neat edges are, if nothing else, quintessentially English.

I use an environmentally friendly method of lawn care and lawn weed killers have not been used here for four years. 

Construction & Maintenance

In this video I describe how I constructed these lawns and how I maintain them using the same traditional techniques that were used by my Grandfather in England, which I’ve adapted a little for the Norwegian climate.

Mowing & Edges

This shorter version of the above video covers the traditional lawn mowing and lawn edging techniques I use;

Traditional Lawn Edging

Raking Aerating & Top Dressing

This video explains the spring lawn care techniques I use;

Vårstell av plenen (Norsk)

An edit of the above video for Norwegian viewers.

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