The East Garden

Several ideas were considered for the East Garden including one for a more formal Knot Garden with kitchen garden planting. However, in 2010 work began on turning the East garden into a cottage style garden designed around an oval lawn, a tribute to the classic English ‘Front Garden’.  With the addition of a path in 2012 the oval lawn became a ‘D’.  Local stone replaced an ugly breeze block wall and the planting introduced is somewhat chaotic.  It was what I had in mind the first time I ever saw the house. Not particularly functional, just a lovely place to enjoy the morning sunshine.

TulipsSyringa vulgaris 'Katherine Havemeyer'PhloxFoxglovesFoxglovesFoxglovesFoxglovesRosa 'Lykkefund'Aquilegia 'Danish Dwarf'Allium 'Gracefull'FoxglovesDigitalis grandifloraRosa 'Maiden's Blush'Rosa 'Lykkefund'East GardenDigitalis grandifloraEast Garden LawnEast Garden LawnEast Garden LawnEast Garden LawnRosa 'Maiden's Blush'East GardenEast GardenRosa 'Louise Odier'


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