The West Garden

The West (front) garden area is in front of the west facing aspect and is overlooked by a first floor veranda from which it is often viewed (as were the grand gardens of England’s Tudor and Stuart periods). It gets the best of the afternoon sunshine from midday to late evening (10.50pm) mid-summer. It is very much a garden room but a room with many different views.

In this case the main viewing point is a modest first floor balcony, but none-the-less, it is accessible from the main living quarters of the house, and it is used 12 months a year. There was a desire, therefore, to design a garden that looked great when viewed from above from January to December, sun, frost, or snow- even though the growing season is restricted to April-October in Bergen (in a good year!)

The garden area is about 55m2 with a further 22m2 of patio area under the veranda. The formal hedging and topiary introduced to this design, are very much borrowed from times the when Knot Gardens, Yew Hedges and formal Italianate and French styles were popular in England.

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