Welcome to engelskhage – a small English garden in Norway.

This homepage is for my small family garden situated in the suburbs of Bergen on the west coast of Norway.  The garden is only 150 square metres and is irregularly shaped.  It surrounds 3 sides of an end-terrace house and the aspects are west, north and east facing.  As such the garden has evolved into three separate garden rooms roughly linked together by design inspired by English gardens and gardeners.

The West Garden was the first to be designed and planted between 2005 and 2009.  The current forms of the East Garden and North Garden were begun in 2010.

I hope this website will be of interest to other gardeners gardening on small and challenging plots or in difficult climates.  For me it’s gardening that is important, not simply the garden.   I’m not a fan of minimalistic, low maintenance or sterile garden solutions and do not deliberately follow trends in the horticultural industry.  As a gardener and a physiotherapist, I want to encourage other people to be active, to become gardeners themselves and not simply garden owners.  The physical and mental benefits of a gardening lifestyle are well documented.  Please enjoy the site and happy gardening!

I am also on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Happy gardening!

Christopher James Collyer



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